The Immigration Advocacy and Public Policy program focuses on public policy issues surrounding Haitian Detainees, Entrants, Refugees and Asylums. The program works to meet with the media, elected officials, INS staff and other ethnic groups and organizations concerned with the unfair treatment of Haitian entrants into the United States.

The program educates the community at large about the current state of immigration via radio; assists Entrants, Asylums, and Refugees with completing INS forms; and conducts workshops and presentations on immigration matters and citizenship procedures. The program has also established citizenship classes with an English literacy component for Haitian Creole speakers. The Immigration Advocacy and Citizenship Program assisted over 900 individuals over the last three years.


3 pm to 7 pm, Monday-Friday (not available Tuesdays 5-7pm)


Jean Mecnik-Derisca. Phone: (305) 756-8050. Email:

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