You can help FANM's various programs by making a monetary donation. To do so, please click the button below, which will allow us to receive your donation via Paypal.

This past year has been very tough for low income families.   We are grateful however to have served so many with your support. Your generosity has helped soften the blow for domestic violence victims who needed counseling and referral services; non-insured women who needed a mammogram and/ cervical screening or uninsured men who needed colorectal cancer test; earthquake victims who needed assistance with Temporary Protective Service (TPS); immigrant families who needed help with citizenship; and lastly children who needed homework assistance, food, clothing and toys.

We are looking for your support again this year; can we count on you? Below is the many ways you can lend your support:

  • Your donation of $50 will feed a family of 5
  • Your donation of $100 will pay for a mammogram screening
  • Your donation of $200 will pay tutoring services for a child 
  • Your donation of $450 will pay for peddler’s license and put a woman in business (When we invest in women, the family benefits instantly)
  • Your donation  of $100 or more will support our fight for immigration and human 
  • rights.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Send a check or money order to: FANM, Inc., P.O. Box 382073, Miami, Florida 33138.

Thanks for your continued support. Every cent makes a difference. Remember, it is in giving that we receive.


Thank you!

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